About the Program

The Doctor of Ministry in Transformational Leadership (D.Min.) is a 39-credit-hour program requiring a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 9 years for completion. The D.Min. is a professional doctorate designed for men and women who hold the M.Div. or its educational equivalent and who have engaged in substantial ministry leadership. Students develop transformational leadership competencies in areas such as spirituality, spiritual community, transformational discipleship, organizational leadership, and missional leadership.  The purpose of the Doctor of Ministry program is to equip the student to be a transformational leader who practices ministry at the highest level of professional competence. Contact us today or apply now – it only takes a few minutes.

Program Objectives

  1. Graduates will evaluate their spiritual life and design a personal or corporate plan for nurturing the inner life.
  2. Graduates will analyze contemporary issues related to developing a spiritual community.
  3. Graduates will apply new discoveries in learning science to their preaching, teaching, and writing.
  4. Graduates will lead their ministry organization through change initiatives using the principles of transformational leadership.
  5. Graduates will evaluate approaches to address or resolve contemporary issues related to helping transform a culture for Christ.
  6. Graduates will develop leadership skills in areas related to God’s call.

DMin Program Breakdown

First Course (Touchstone Course)

R7100 The Transformational Leader (1 credit hr., required before 1st seminar)
Write a personal learning plan for the Doctor of Ministry Study based on the study of transformational leadership theory.

Seminars (taken in a cohort, order varies)

W7601 Spiritual Life of the Leader (6 credit hrs.)
Explore contemporary issues related to the spiritual life of the leader.

F7601 Building & Nurturing Spiritual Community (6 credit hrs.)
Explore best practices in assimilating and retaining new members and nurturing a community of believers.

D7601 Transformational Discipleship (6 credit hrs.)
Explore new developments in brain science and consider the implication for spiritual growth and discipleship.

M7601 Organizational Leadership (6 credit hrs.)
Investigate elements of leading change in a ministry organization.

E7601 The Missional Leader (6 credit hrs.)
Examines contemporary issues for leaders engaged in the missional task of the Church.

R7101 Comprehensive Exam (Milestone, 1 credit hour)
The Comprehensive Exam marks the shift from “user of knowledge of the field” in the seminars to the “originator and extender of the knowledge of the field” thru the Applied Research Project. The exam evaluates the critical thinking and problem-solving skills of the doctoral student as well as the integration of concepts covered in the seminars in the doctoral program.

Applied Research Project

R7103 Research Methodology (1 credit hour, required before 3rd seminar)
Study applied research strategies and how to write the DMin project.

R7105 Project Proposal (1 credit hour, required before 5th seminar)
Establish and formalizes the research approach for the DMin project.

R7500 Applied Research Project (Capstone) (5 credit hours)
Learners are required to submit an applied research project, the final and capstone step in completing the DMin program. Prerequisites: R7100, R7103, R7105, all seminars, and the R7101 Comprehensive Exam.

Total: (9 classes, 39 hrs)

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