About the Program

The Diploma in Ministry Studies (DMS) is a  39-credit hour non-degree program requiring a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 5 years for completion.  The DMS is designed for men and women over the age of 18 who are serving on a church staff, in other ministry positions, and/or volunteering in ministry. This ministry studies online program provides an opportunity for students, NOT seeking a degree, to develop servant leadership skills for local church ministry, as well as competencies in Bible and church history. Ministry classes may be completed in two years, although students may take longer due to family, church, and job responsibilities.  This program is not available for students who have an undergraduate degree.

Program Objectives

  1. Graduates will demonstrate a basic knowledge of the Bible and how to study and apply the biblical texts.
  2. Graduates will demonstrate a basic understanding and appreciation of church history and historical core doctrines of the Christian faith.
  3. Graduates will demonstrate an understanding of the theology of the five purposes of the church and their application to developing a growing and healthy church.
  4. Graduates will demonstrate an understanding of how to share the gospel in a variety of forms and mediums.
  5. Graduates will demonstrate a commitment to a lifelong, intentional process of spiritual development and professional growth.


13 Courses – 39 credit hours – 3 hours per course

Required First Course
R1300 Developing the Focused Life (Touchstone)
Requires Courses
W1301 Theology & Practice of Worship
E1301 Theology & Practice of Evangelism
F1301 Theology & Practice of Fellowship
D1301 Theology & Practice of Discipleship
M1301 Theology & Practice of Ministry
W3303 Preaching/Teaching for Life Change
E1303 Contemporary Evangelism
D1303 Biblical Hermeneutics
D2351 New Testament Survey
D2361 Old Testament Survey
D3351 Church History
Requires Last Course
R4300 Practicing the Focused Life (Capstone)

Program Details

  • Location: 100% Online. No travel required.
  • Delivery: Self-paced within 8-week online courses.
  • Length: As little as 24 months; 39 credits. Students take 13 courses and each course is 3 credit hours. Students may take longer or shorter to complete the program based on their schedules, family, church, and job responsibilities.
  • Enrolling New Students: Every 8 Weeks. There are six terms to start your program each year – apply today!
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