Are you interested in seminary but still wondering how to know if seminary is right for you?

Are you still struggling to reconcile the hurts, pain, and failures of your past with ministry opportunities in your future? Do you want to know which factors to consider when choosing a seminary?

Are you still unpacking your personal call to ministry and trying to understand your journey?

Are you puzzled about how mentors can help?

Are you unsure what specific ministry skills you need to strengthen in order to fulfill your personal call? Do you want a seminary test to help you make a decision on your future?

Rockbridge Seminary offers an eight-week online course that will help you:

1. Understand more clearly how God can use your life experiences, both good and painful, to prepare you for ministry to others
2. Explore God’s personal call to ministry in your life
3. Understand how mentors can support your growth
4. Assess your ministry competency strengths and identify where more development is needed
5. Write a personal learning plan to guide your learning focus while in seminary

During this course (called the Touchstone Course), a qualified professor will guide you and your fellow students through the fully online learning experience. By the end of the course you will know if seminary is right for you.

Our promise – If you are not completely satisfied with your learning experience in this first course, Rockbridge Seminary will refund your tuition in full.

The Touchstone Course is offered three times a year.  Start your seminary application today.  The next course starts soon.

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