What Makes a Great Student?

As students are returning to school, this is a worthwhile question to ask.  It is easy to criticize teachers and complain about deficiencies in our schools, but teachers are only part of the equation. Students and parents share responsibility for learning outcomes. Great schools are determined not just by the caliber of their faculty, but [...]

Traditional Seminary vs. Online Seminary – which is right for you?

Today, persons called to ministry have many options for their training. With more than 500 seminaries, 1200 Bible colleges, and several hundred Christian Colleges that offer ministry tracks, the choices are daunting. How do you sort through the various opportunities and simplify your decision-making process? The following examines the pros and cons of two of [...]

Theology AND Practice

One of the grave dangers of the Church and for every Christian is to believe what the Bibles says, but not practice those beliefs. James expressed it this way, Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says(bold mine.) Anyone who listens to the word but does not dowhat [...]

Getting the Most out of Seminary While Saving Money

I worked four years in a church staff position during and after college, before deciding I needed to further my education by going to a seminary. These years were invaluable to my development because I experienced ministry and discovered what I needed to know before furthering in my studies. I wish all incoming students could [...]

Why Go to Seminary?

Seth Godin wrote an interesting piece about education at the crossroads today.  And he raised an interesting point: School was the big thing for a long time. School is tests and credits and note taking and meeting standards. Learning, on the other hand, is 'getting it'. It's the conceptual breakthrough that permits the student to [...]

How Can We Best Honor Our Fallen Soldiers?

Many Americans will observe Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries or memorials, flying the American flag, and participating in parades. It’s good to pause our lives and remember the sacrifices of others. G.K. Chesteron said, "The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” [...]

Help us Spread the Word

  Thank you for getting the word out about Rockbridge. Most of our students come to Rockbridge as a result of a recommendation from a pastor or friend. Ninety-eight percent of our students recommend Rockbridge to their friends. The percent of students satisfied with their courses of student is 97%.   We’ve got raving fans!   There [...]

Rockbridge – Different On Purpose

Why are you on this earth? What is the meaning of life? In his book, The Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren states that are all born by God’s purpose and for God’s purpose. Our Creator has given each of us specific spiritual gifts, habits, abilities, personality, and experiences to fulfill his purpose. No two of [...]

Use Social Media to fund Your Seminary Degree

Attending graduate school is a costly venture, even at modestly priced institutions. Scholarship and grants for seminary education are extremely limited these days. It is not advisable to go into debt to get a seminary degree, since paying off educational debt is difficult with salaries of most non-profit ministries. So, what are seminary students to [...]

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