Sponsored Courses

Course Dedications

Rockbridge Seminary will dedicate a course of your choice to the memory of a loved one, in honor of someone special to you, or in recognition of the ministry of a church or business that has influenced your life.

The following courses have been dedicated through the generous financial gifts made to Rockbridge Seminary by family and friends. A course dedication page has been added to the course so that it can be read by students each time the course is offered.

Lead Like Jesus

Dedicated in memory of D’Wayne L. Eldridge by Drs. Daryl and Carole Eldridge, other family members, and friends
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Developing the Focused Life

Dedicated in honor of Sam and Peggy Simmons by Dr. Sam Simmons and his wife Trish
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The Theology and Practice of Evangelism

Dedicated in memory of Susan Lee Denison by Mr. and Mrs. John Wilkinson
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Introduction to Church Planting

Dedicated in honor of Charles Clary
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Practicing the Focused Life

Dedicated in honor of Mr. Steeve Kay for his stewardship, generosity, and vision in the launch of Rockbridge Seminary
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The Theology and Practice of Fellowship

Dedicated in memory of Linda LaRussa, the first student advisor for Rockbridge.

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Carole Eldridge Scholarship
This scholarship provides tuition assistance for female students who exhibit exceptional leadership abilities with a passion for global missions. The scholarship was funded by Nelda Davis along with the family and friends of Dr. Carole Eldridge.

For more information about sponsoring a course or creating a scholarship, please email President Daryl Eldridge.