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A growing number of learners are finding that online learning opens educational opportunities that normally would not be available.


Any Time, Any Place Learning

Most people today have busy lives. Fitting your schedule to the schedule of a school is not always possible. Perhaps your work or ministry responsibilities keep you from carving out time to attend a class that meets at a scheduled time each week or month. Online learning allows you to learn according to YOUR schedule, not the seminary’s schedule. That could be in the middle of the night or the first thing in the morning. You decide.

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A traditional classroom schedule can be a problem if a student needs to travel for work or needs to plan a mission trip to another country. Online learning is “anyplace learning.” Wherever you have access to the Internet, you can participate in online learning. Visiting family in another state or attending a ministry conference during your class? Just log-on where you are. Traveling to another country while your class is in session? As long as you have your laptop or have access to an internet cafĂ©, you can continue your learning.

Attending a traditional class will cost you gasoline, car mileage, and parking expense. Though not a direct cost, you will not spend time sitting in traffic on a freeway or in a classroom waiting for class to begin. Online learning requires only that you own a computer that has access to the Internet, investments most families have already made.

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When learners log into the RS virtual classroom, they enter an online learning environment provided by Comcourse Learning Solutions that is self-contained and fully functional there is no software to download, no special equipment; and you always get to pick where you sit.

After registering for a course, students join others from around the world who have enrolled in the same 8-week online class. Together, they progress along a rigorous learning journey that starts with a Course Introduction Week, continues with six learning units (one a week), and finishes with a Learning Assessment Week. Students are supported by a seminary professor who provides mentoring support almost daily throughout the term. In addition, students select a local mentor who helps them process and apply what they learn to their local church ministry.

[singlepic id=2 w=150 h=100 mode=watermark float=left]After entering the RS virtual classroom, students can read regular communication from their professor, post questions for the professor, participate in surveys, take exams, read lecture notes, access research materials in the RS Online Library, upload assignments, and interact with fellow students from around the world in either a threaded discussion format or a chat room.

…we needed an innovative way to train people without sending them away to seminary for years. Rockbridge Seminary’s totally online format provided the answer we needed.
Dr. Rick Warren, Senior Pastor
Saddleback Community Church (Lake Forest, CA)

I interacted more in this setting than at an actual classroom. Rockbridge’s learner-focused approach really struck a chord with me.
Moni Keo, Senior Pastor and RS student
Greenleaf Church (Fullerton, CA)

Rockbridge Seminary is uniquely positioned to serve the missional renaissance through its online studies. Packing up and leaving your ministry assignment in order to receive leadership development makes no sense at all. Rockbridge is not the seminary of the future; it is the seminary for now.
Reggie McNeal, Missional Leadership Specialist
Leadership Network (Dallas, TX)

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