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You Are Welcome at Rockbridge Online Theological Seminary

Article by Dr. Sam Simmons

At Rockbridge Seminary, you are a valued member of the learning community. In every class, you and other students are invited to participate in a learning journey that welcomes participation. As a result, learning community conversations become important opportunities for students and professors to celebrate the wonder of God’s Kingdom. The old way of talking heads, lectures, note-taking, and class conversations dominated by the few is replaced by a learning community in which every participant, professor and student, makes a significant contribution.

What unique, Kingdom perspectives do you bring to the learning community conversation? Here are three perspectives you share.

  1. Your Cultural Perspective — One advantage of Rockbridge Seminary’s online programs is that students enroll without the geographical boundaries limiting traditional programs. Imagine joining a class with students, as an example, based in China, Taiwan, Romania, and Kenya. Their cultural perspectives are fresh, authentic, and current. Just as your learning is enhanced by their unique cultural perspectives within classroom discussions and projects, so also they benefit from your participation. Each class becomes a reminder that the citizens of God’s Kingdom are marvelously diverse.
  2. Your Ministry Perspective — Imagine discussing church ministry strategy, issues, and challenges with fellow students who struggle in ways similar to you. Different ministry contexts stimulate different ideas, approaches, and solutions. Discussions are relevant, helpful, and supportive. Your ministry context gives you important perspective to share, just as the perspectives of your fellow students help you.
  3. Your Theological Perspective — The Truth of Scripture is expressed and applied within the Evangelical faith community in wonderfully diverse ways. In a seminary class of around 10 students, you become part of a journey seeking to know more of God and how to please Him. Class discussions are faith-building. Ideas are presented and challenged. Growth emerges out of the age-old process of “iron sharpening iron.” The theological perspectives shaped into your life become part of this amazing work of learning in community.

Are you looking for a seminary that values you and the perspectives God is building into your life? Consider enrolling in one of Rockbridge Seminary’s online programs. The learning community you join will enrich you while you enrich others.

Sam Simmons

Dr. Sam Simmons is Chief Learning Officer and Professor of Global Studies for Rockbridge Seminary, an accredited fully online seminary. Before helping launch Rockbridge Seminary in 2004, he directed the Southern California Campus of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. Sam lives part of the year in Bali, Indonesia, providing community service through English tutoring and coaching.