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Matt Harm @ the SHOP

matt harm photoCurrent Residence: Port St. Lucie, FL

Current Ministry: Stuart House of Prayer (SHOP)

Program: Diploma in Ministry Studies

What led you to Rockbridge? I was in my prayer closet and God prompted me to go to seminary. I started to research schools that offered online courses and came across Rockbridge. I received confirmation about attending Rockbridge and enrolled.

What is your current ministry? I am in charge of all ministry and outreaches at the SHOP. I run our main service on Tuesday nights, preaching and ministering over those that attend. I am currently placing others in charge of different ministries that we are offering at the SHOP, such as street evangelism, prayer, and worship nights.

What is your perspective of online education?
Online education is amazing. It is such a blessing not having to go to a classroom. Being able to take my class with me when I travel and not have to make my schedule around going to a classroom made my learning experience so much easier and attainable. I have taken residential courses and I can honestly say there is no advantage of a classroom setting. The learning experience at Rockbridge is top notch.

What dream/vision are you pursuing?
I am continuing to pursue building the ministry I helped start 3 1/2 years ago. I believe that it is going to make a lasting impact, for Jesus, on the treasure coast community. I also am pursuing preaching the Gospel in foreign countries. I am an evangelist at heart and I started preaching the message of salvation in the local jails. This has been a vision to go to other countries and preach Gospel crusades. I also have started to be a part of itinerate ministry and preaching at other churches and ministries. This is a goal and vision of mine to continue to do this as God opens doors.

How has the learning experience at Rockbridge changed your life?
It has changed my life in such a positive way. I have become so much more rounded as a result of this educational process, which I do not believe is complete yet. It has helped me understand in depth the processes it takes to build a church that will make a real impact for Jesus. There are so many different details that go into ministry. Through the professors, classmates, and textbooks I have been able to grow a tremendous amount in wisdom and knowledge. I will be forever thankful to Rockbridge and every person that is a part of the learning and growth I attained through my DMS degree.