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Textbook List: Ministry

Ministry Competencies

Rockbridge Seminary’s academic programs are designed to help students build competencies related to the following biblical purposes: Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Ministry, and Evangelism. The following competencies relate to the Ministry biblical purpose:

  1. Exercises the administrative skills of strategic planning, organizing, leading, and evaluating the work of ministry that leads to achievement of defined goals and the mission of the New Testament church. (M-1)
  2. Provides spiritual guidance in helping others analyze how God has shaped them for ministry. (M-2)
  3. Recruits, trains, and supervises individuals to fulfill the purposes of the church. (M-3)
  4. Assesses the needs of the ministry community, designs appropriate actions to meet those needs, and effectively markets the church’s ministry in the community. (M-4)
  5. Develops and administers budgets for ministry programs and organizations. (M-5)
  6. Provides pastoral care, counseling, and appropriate referrals for the sick, hurting, and grieving. (M-6)
  7. Demonstrates godly humility and sacrificial love for those in the church. (M-7)

Ministry Textbooks

Courses related to the Ministry biblical purpose require the following textbooks: