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Textbook List: Fellowship

Fellowship Competencies

Rockbridge Seminary’s academic programs are designed to help students build competencies related to the following biblical purposes: Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Ministry, and Evangelism. The following competencies relate to the Ministry biblical purpose:

  1. Builds and maintains healthy relationships with others. (F-1)
  2. Sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. (F-2)
  3. Develops relationships within and external to the ministry organization for accountability and personal support. (F-3)
  4. Works effectively with others. (F-4)
  5. Listens and responds in ways that let people know they have been heard. (F-5)
  6. Develops small groups and leads them to birth new groups. (F-6)
  7. Leads the church in developing a process for connecting new members into the life and purposes of the church. (F-7)

Fellowship Textbooks

Courses related to the Fellowship biblical purpose now require the following textbooks: