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Course Peek: Small Groups


Course Title: Building a Small Group Ministry

This course teaches principles for establishing and maintaining healthy small groups, and explores the various types of small groups. Emphasis will be given to how to help groups reproduce themselves to develop a healthy and growing church.


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Articulate the biblical, sociological, and organizational foundations for small group ministry
  2. Analyze a particular small group model
  3. Assess your Small Group Insights Profile
  4. Assess a small group’s effectiveness
  5. Assess a church’s use of small groups and make recommendations
  6. Offer responses to most frequently asked questions about small group life



Unit 1: What You Will Learn
Unit 2: Why Small Groups?
Unit 3: Small Group Ministry Overview
Unit 4: A Look Inside a Small Group
Unit 5: Leadership Deployment
Unit 6: Systems Alignment
Unit 7: Church Strategies
Unit 8: Learning Assessment


The most enjoyable aspect of the course for you was … 

  • The books were a great choice and resource!
  • The Professor’s comments were most enjoyable and helpful.
  • Interaction with my classmates and professor. The meetings with my mentor are always a source of joy and encouragement.
  • Loved exploring small group models and creating a presentation. It was also very helpful to create resources that might be helpful in our ministry settings, like FAQ’s, Training Article, Model presentation, etc.
  • I enjoyed the application of what I was learning.
  • The small group assessment was extremely enjoyable.

(Recent learners on course evaluations)


2014 Term 6 (Oct 28-Dec 22) – MDiv, MML

Registration is NOW OPEN. Registration deadline Monday, October 20. 

Courses are taught fully online in 8-week terms. Each course allows students to build learning from the context of their own ministry roles while enjoying the stimulation of a global learning community. Learners are guided by academically qualified professors with current and relevant ministry experience.


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