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Course Peek: Disciplines

Practicing the Spiritual Disciplines


The learner will focus on several spiritual habits such as solitude, prayer, journaling, fasting, and spiritual mentoring. Learners will practice these disciplines individually and in a small group of fellow learners or church members.


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Assess your spiritual growth
  2. Identify your personal and spiritual temperament
  3. Journal experiences and reflections from practicing selected spiritual disciplines
  4. Apply specific spiritual disciplines to your life through a spiritual disciplines project
  5. Apply the concept of a spiritual labyrinth to your life
  6. Discuss the practice of spiritual disciplines in Christian history



Unit 1: What You Will Learn
Unit 2: The Spiritual Disciplines
Unit 3: Worship / Open Yourself to God
Unit 4: Relinquish the False Self
Unit 5: Share Your Life with Others
Unit 6: Hear and Live God’s Word
Unit 7: Pray
Unit 8: Learning Assessment


  • Spiritual Planner Report (personal assessment of spiritual discipline practice)
  • Sacred Pathways Survey (personal assessment of preferred ways of connecting with God)
  • Spiritual Disciplines Reports (based on practice of selected disciplines)
  • Reading Discussion Questions
  • Spiritual Disciplines Project (e.g. silent retreat, spiritual retreat, fasting, labyrinth, Stations of the Cross)


2015-T1 Term (January 6 – March 2) – MDiv, MML

Registration is NOW OPEN. Registration deadline Monday, December 22. 

Courses are taught fully online in 8-week terms. Each course allows students to build learning from the context of their own ministry roles while enjoying the stimulation of a global learning community. Learners are guided by academically qualified professors with current and relevant ministry experience.


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