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Course Peek: Church Evangelism


This course is a study of the biblical purpose of evangelism and the practice of evangelism in the church today. An understanding of the postmodern culture and how to communicate the gospel story within that context will be emphasized. The course will also focus on the role of spiritual friendships and how to design a church strategy for evangelism.

This course will help you develop the following competency: Leads the church in an effective program of evangelism; plans and conducts a program of community witness. (E-2)


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Identify ways the church is failing to bridge to postmodern culture
  2. Articulate the biblical and theological basis for evangelism
  3. Apply early church and Celtic evangelism approaches to evangelism strategy today
  4. Analyze what a shift to “missional” means for a church
  5. Identify approaches that can be used to start spiritual conversations
  6. Assess a church’s strategy for evangelism based on a missional scorecard



Unit 1: What You Will Learn
Unit 2: The World You Evangelize
Unit 3: The Story You Tell
Unit 4: The Church That Tells the Story
Unit 5: Reimagining Evangelism
Unit 6: The Art of Spiritual Friendships
Unit 7: Church Strategies for Evangelism
Unit 8: Learning Assessment


The most enjoyable aspect of the course for you was … 

  • The first book we read (They like Jesus, but not the Church) was a very fun read. I believe it was accurate and eye-opening. The conversations that came from that part of the course were also the most enjoyable.
  • The online discussion and the dialogues I would have with my mentor.
  • The texts were most helpful and beneficial. The time I shared with my mentor was most enjoyable.
  • Interaction with my mentor who has a passion and gift for evangelism. Also, loved Dan Kimball’s book They Love Jesus But Not the Church
  • I liked how the course challenged the way we think in a post-modern culture.
  • Professor was amazing and a great encourager. He clearly represented RS well and provided excellent insight and counsel throughout the course. Also, interaction with fellow students was enlightening and certainly worthwhile.
  • The dynamic thinking, this course caused me to consider some tough concepts
  • I really liked learning about what it means to be missional. Prior to this course I had never heard that word used before. I also liked that Reggie McNeal personally answered some of our questions during one of the weeks. That was awesome!

(Recent learners on course evaluations)


2014 Term 6 (Oct 28-Dec 22) – MDiv, MML

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