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1st DMin Seminar (A Peek)

Spiritual Life of the Leader (W7601)

Credit hours: 6 (100% online)

Seminar Description

Ministry leadership is unmistakably influenced by the leader’s private practice of spirituality. This seminar introduces learners to the process and theological elements of spiritual formation, guides them in probing the spiritual pitfalls of leadership, and leads them to consider the benefits of using a personal Rule of Life. Together, learners explore contemporary issues related to the spiritual life of the leader.

This sixteen-week seminar is offered to learning clusters of approximately ten students each during a sixteen-week term. Students are supported, guided, and taught by a professor assigned to the seminar. All units are designed to help the learner fulfill the learning outcomes of the seminar. Early units provide a cognitive foundation for the seminar topic. In later units, learners explore contemporary issues through the presentation of papers, response, and observation in a videoconference setting.

Seminar Learning Outcomes

After completing this seminar, you will be able to:

  1. Identify process elements active in spiritual formation
  2. Describe the theological elements of spiritual formation
  3. Explain how a leader’s soul can be lost and regained
  4. Evaluate the benefits of a personal Rule of Life
  5. Analyze contemporary issues related to the leader’s spiritual life
  6. Evaluate approaches to addressing or resolving contemporary issues related to the leader’s spiritual life

Required Textbooks

Issues/Presentation Topic List

  1. Responding to Critics of the Spiritual Formation Movement
  2. Learning from the Christian Mystics of Church History
  3. The Value in Liturgical Spirituality
  4. Ministers’ Struggle with Emotionally Healthy Spirituality
  5. Spiritual leadership in the Home: Where Ministers Fall Short
  6. Seasons of the Soul
  7. The Role of Suffering in Spiritual Formation
  8. Ministry Isolation: What It Is and Why It’s Dangerous
  9. Secret Sins in Ministry: Finding Freedom and Restoration
  10. Using a Rule of Life in the 21st Century