Welcome Innovation3 attendees

We’re happy to support Innovation3 because we’re innovators too!

We’re helping leaders from around the globe earn seminary degrees without leaving their current ministry assignments.

The evidence from the field during our first 5 years is that our system works. Our students are blogging about us and our instructors are thrilled with the level of participation they are able to achieve with our unique learning environment.

Are you a lead pastor or senior ministry leader?

Please consider sending your worship and ministry team members to Rockbridge to explore their options for earning seminary degrees. They can get their degrees 100% online and their ministry will be strengthened because of our learning approach.

There’s no need for them to uproot their families and move across the country!

At Rockbridge Seminary, you can:

  • Stay home
  • Keep your job
  • Immediately apply new skills

We offer two programs for different educational needs:

Each program is designed to help develop servant leaders for Christian ministry through learning experiences that allow you to study and practice without leaving your ministry field. Courses are scheduled in eight-week terms. You can take up to 6 courses per year…fewer if your schedule demands it.

A new kind of seminary experience

Many of our students found themselves torn between God’s calling for their current ministry position and their need for a seminary degree.

Rockbridge Seminary provides a path for both needs at once. In fact, your ministry will be strengthened by your studies and your success in our seminary will be determined by your growth in your own personal mission field.

Do you know a staff member who needs seminary training, but you don’t want to lose them while they are attending seminary? Equip your staff with practical skills that will impact your church today.

Are you that staff member?

Rockbridge students participate in a highly interactive community of learners from all over the world, offering a truly global Kingdom perspective. We’ll help shape a plan that suits each student’s personal calling. Progress will be aided by a local mentor from your ministry organization.

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