Become a Part-Time Rockbridge Instructor

If you are vitally engaged in the local church, hold an earned doctorate, have ministry experience, are computer proficient, have an affinity for new paradigm models of ministry, and have a passion for shaping Kingdom leaders worldwide, then you may have what it takes to be a Rockbridge online instructor.

Being an online teacher and ministry mentor for senior pastors, staff members, and lay leaders is rewarding in many ways. In addition to the financial remuneration you will receive, you get the opportunity to help others develop in ministry effectiveness so they can fulfill their God-given call.

Consider these benefits of teaching at Rockbridge Seminary:

Teach part-time without interrupting your full-time ministry calling. Courses require about 10 hours of your time each week. Since our courses are taught asynchronously (learners can log-on at different times), you can teach your class at times of the day and places that fit your schedule. Courses are already predesigned and developed for you.

Experience the blessing of making a difference in God’s Kingdom. As a Rockbridge instructor, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that others are benefiting from your wisdom and expertise. Rockbridge learners serve in churches all over the United States and in a growing number of foreign countries. They are serious about wanting to be better ministers for God.

Expand your own development. Interacting with students, assessing learning assignments, and facilitating classroom discussion will keep you challenged.

Improve your online teaching, communication, and leadership skills. Online learning is new to seminary education, and the learning design used by Rockbridge is cutting-edge. Build online teaching skills now that will prepare you for the future of global seminary education.

Network with other ministry leaders nationwide. Many Rockbridge learners are leading or serving in churches that are innovative. As you teach, you will form relationships worldwide with Kingdom leaders who share your heart for reaching our world for Christ.

Concerned that you may not be familiar with how to teach online? Rockbridge has prepared a six-week orientation course for you (online, of course). A Lead Teacher is available to coach you through your first online teaching experience.

Preliminary Guidelines

The following guidelines are to assist Rockbridge Seminary (RS) and prospective faculty in determining if there is a “good fit” for individuals becoming part of the Teaching Team. While serving as a good filter for both parties the guidelines are not meant to be all inclusive. Likewise exceptions from time to time may be made when considering potential faculty based on needs and expertise of the potential team member.

1. Salvation

Faculty should be able to give testimony of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

2. Church Membership

RS is not sponsored by one church or denomination. We are a Non-Denominational Evangelical school that reflects several denominations in the composition of the board, administration, faculty, and student body. However, it is expected that faculty be members and actively involved in a local body of believers.

3. Staff Experience

All students that are admitted to RS are involved in a ministry. While some are volunteers most are in paid staff positions. The curriculum is designed to be practical in nature and includes application in one’s current ministry setting. Therefore, we believe faculty members should be individuals who have served as effective church staff members.

4. Ministry-focused

Our curriculum is organized around the five biblical purposes of the church. Faculty should have experience with the purpose-driven ministry approach or other “new paradigm” approaches to ministry.

5. Learner Focused

Administration and content specialist have selected textbooks, developed course notes, learning experiences, and assignments for each class. The design of each course focuses on the learner’s ability to reflect on class content and make application in one’s ministry. The professor serves as what we call “the guide on the side.” The professor is to affirm, correct, and challenge the student to go deeper with one’s learning. A professor will spend at least 10 hours a week (sometimes more) reading forum postings, responding to students, grading, and posting feedback.

6. Academic Credentials

Professors teaching master’s level courses should have a doctorate degree. While RS faculty is comprised individuals with PhD’s, DMin’s, EdD’s, and DEdMin’s; preference is given to PhD’s when selecting new professors. One’s major field of study is a factor based on RS needs in various disciplines. Anyone teaching in the diploma program should have completed a master’s degree.

7. Mission, Beliefs, Values

Faculty should be in agreement with Rockbridge Seminary’s Mission Statement, Statement of Beliefs, and Values.

8. Computer proficiency

Faculty should be personally proficient in the use of a computer, online browser, email program, and Microsoft Office.

9. Language and work authorization

A Faculty member’s primary language should be English and should be legally authorized to work in the United States.