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International Student Scholarship

Dear Friends,

One of our desires is to train more international students who cannot afford a seminary degree. In this effort we are establishing an International Scholarship Fund. There are 3 ways you could help us:

  1. Contribute to the International Scholarship Fund. Any amount, small or large, is greatly appreciated.
  1. Email 10 of your family and friends and encourage them to give to the scholarship. Here is a sample of how that email might look:

As you may know, I am a supporter of Rockbridge Seminary. This year they are establishing an International Scholarship Fund and this project will have a big impact on training international pastors and leaders.

I am supporting this initiative and wondering if you would consider joining me? What better investment could there be than to develop and train Kingdom leaders? Here is a convenient link if God prompts you to give:

  1. Use your social media to share about this International Scholarship Fund.

Thank you in advance for helping us fulfill our mission of developing servant leaders for Christian ministry. We are so blessed with Alumni who are impacting the world for Christ.

Have a blest Christmas season,