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Earn Your DMin Online at Rockbridge Seminary

The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program is an excellent opportunity for experienced ministers to sharpen ministry competencies, update professional skill sets, and work on a research project that digs deeper into an area of passionate interest.

Here are four reasons why you should consider earning your DMin degree at Rockbridge Seminary:

  1. Build skills in Transformational Leadership — Rockbridge Seminary is one of the few schools anywhere that offers a Doctor of Ministry in Transformational Leadership. Study the foundational concepts of Transformational Leadership and learn ways to apply these concepts to ministry. Participate in doctoral seminars analyzing Transformational Leadership through the lens of (1) the spiritual life of the leader, (2) transformational discipleship, (3) organizational leadership, (4) transformational discipleship, and (5) spiritual community. Complete an applied research project that contributes to the practice of ministry in ways far beyond your own immediate context.
  2. Broaden your perspective of 21st century ministry — Each doctoral seminar will give you the opportunity to participate in research, presentations, and discussions related to cutting-edge, contemporary ministry issues such as changing organizational culture, organizational health, new paradigms for effective staffing, compassion and justice, cross-cultural conflict, the learning church, interactive preaching strategies, helping “digitals” grow spiritually, spiritual community in a fast-paced world, developing an intergenerational faith community, battered leaders in ministry, emotionally healthy spirituality for ministry leaders, and more.
  1. Benefit from a truly global learning community — Since Rockbridge Seminary’s DMin program is 100% online, ministry leaders from all over the world can join you as part of a cohort learning community. Gain Kingdom perspective from ministry contexts very different from your own as fellow doctoral students offer current, real-time analysis. Enjoy building relationships that deepen your appreciation for God’s work in the Kingdom.
  1. NO travel — Rockbridge Seminary’s program is completed totally online. You will NOT be required to travel to a distant campus, even for concentrated study. Instead, you will participate in a learning community that utilizes the digital tools of 21st century communication.

Is it time to sharpen your ministry competencies, update professional skill sets, and dig deeper to find ways of addressing a ministry issue that has become a focus of your life? Enroll online today in the Doctor of Ministry in Transformational Leadership program at Rockbridge Seminary.

Sam Simmons

Dr. Sam Simmons is Chief Learning Officer and Professor of Global Studies for Rockbridge Seminary, an accredited fully online seminary. Before helping launch Rockbridge Seminary in 2004, he directed the Southern California Campus of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. Sam lives part of the year in Bali, Indonesia, providing community service through English tutoring and coaching.