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Before and After

Do you enjoy before-and-after pictures? Whether the pictures are about weight loss, teeth whitening, or remodeling a home, it’s inspiring to see what a difference can occur in people’s lives when you focus on change.

Read the story of one recent graduate,

“Coming from a more traditional, German-school type seminary, I never expected my experience to be so involved in my life and ministry. While my former school made little to no effort to sync with my life but made itself a holy institution not to be blended with anything other than academia and homiletics, Rockbridge sought to teach me to learn while serving. Usually, something as giant as the projects and my portfolio would have been academic drudgery that stole time from my family and church; however, Rockbridge not only allowed me to apply my learning, but made up for time and learning lost in the past by improving my life and ministry by requiring me to practice what I was being taught to preach! While Francis Chan says that a minister’s time in seminary can be the spiritually darkest times of his life, I see the exact opposite as true for my time here. I came to prepare to plant and pastor healthy churches; I am leaving having helped spiritually prepare and nurture and healthy church plant before graduation. Now, I see the importance of not simply planting healthy churches, but how to develop healthy practices in the five purposes of the church that will long outlast me. I see the importance of not simply starting a bunch of churches, but planting churches and developing them spiritually in such a way that their essence is worthy of being grafted and used to plant another healthy church. I now have a passion for a much more integrated and unified leadership core than I did before, for a church will only be as integrated and unified as its leadership.”

We’ve graduated 227 students. Currently, we have 174 active students, 32 faculty, and several hundred more students that have taken classes at Rockbridge. While several of our students and graduates speak before several thousand people each week, on the average our students are touching the lives of more than 200 each week in their churches and ministry organizations.   In the course of a year, Rockr’s will touch the lives of more than 5 million people as they preach, counsel, train, and deploy others for Kingdom work. And those 5 million people are reaching untold millions with a life-changing message of Jesus.

So, when we ask for you to give to Rockbridge, it’s not to build a building or to keep the lights on, but to invest in leaders who are making a difference—today! You can donate to Rockbridge by going to this link.