Reggie McNeal Podcast – Kingdom Come

I had the good fortune of interviewing Reggie McNeal about his upcoming book, Kingdom Come. You’ll enjoy hearing his thoughts about the future of the missional church. Click on the following. You can download it play on your iPod or other devices. Reggie McNeal

Traditional Seminary vs. Online Seminary – which is right for you?

Today, persons called to ministry have many options for their training. With more than 500 seminaries, 1200 Bible colleges, and several hundred Christian Colleges that offer ministry tracks, the choices are daunting. How do you sort through the various opportunities and simplify your decision-making process? The following examines the pros and cons of two of […]

Kingdom Come, by Reggie McNeal

This week I had the opportunity to preview Kingdom Come: Why We Must Give Up Our Obsession with Fixing the Church—and What We Should Do Instead by Reggie McNeal. The title had me from the start. I went to my library and counted at least 30 books on how to improve the church such as […]

New Year’s Resolutions

This time of year we have good intentions to lose weight, get healthy, or get a more balanced life. Some are making resolutions about getting a seminary degree or obtaining more ministry training. Do you know of any who are looking to develop their ministry skills? We’d like to help them in pursuing their calling. […]

Annual Report 2014

It is an honor to share with you Rockbridge Seminary’s Annual Report.  While no document can fully capture what is going on at Rockbridge, through the stories of our students, profiles of faculty, and statistical information, we pray you’ll sense the great things God is doing in our school. We celebrated our 10th year since […]

Excellence through Training

A recent CBS news show interviewed Jeff Burkhart, a disaster-training specialist, who said: “Hope is not a plan. Agencies, armies (and I would add organizations) will perform under great stress; they will perform to their lowest level of conditioned training. So the higher you can raise that bar the better the response.” This applies not […]